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9 Tips To Improve Your Oral Health

What’s the first thing you notice about someone? Their eyes? Their smile? Those are the most common answers. So when someone notices your smile, are you embarrassed by what they see? Are your teeth getting the attention they deserve? Follow these 9 tips to improve your oral health so you can smile with confidence!

Floss like a boss
Flossing isn’t just a trendy dance the kids are doing now…it’s one of the most important aspects of your dental health! Flossing regularly helps to prevent tooth decay by removing plaque and preventing plaque build up. It also ensures you are removing those stubborn food particles that are in hard to reach places. Leftovers should be in the fridge not your mouth!

Get your good side
We all know the right angle can make all the difference in a photo. The same goes for brushing your teeth! By angling the bristles of your toothbrush 45 degrees to the gum line, you are allowing the brush to access the gaps between your teeth, to stimulate the gums and ultimately be more effective at removing plaque. A brush parallel to the gums can give you an incomplete clean and can apply too much pressure.

No Ice, Ice, Baby!
It’s a common habit to crunch on the ice that is literally “just chillin” at the bottom of your cup. It’s a bad habit dentists recommended stopping asap. The cold temperature and hard texture of the ice can lead to tiny microscopic fractures on your enamel, compromising your tooth integrity and leading to dental problems in the future.

Happy Little Teeth
Bob Ross made millions of people smile each day by painting beautiful paintings using short, gentle strokes and focusing intently. He took his time painting his “happy little trees”. Doing the same when brushing your teeth is a great idea. We don’t want to aggressively brush up and down. We want to brush in a circular motion, focusing on small areas at a time. This allows the bristles to bend as needed and really massage that gum line. Ahh…happy little teeth.

Say no to plaque!
Brushing AND flossing before going to bed is an amazing way to ensure a healthy mouth. When you go to bed without an oral care routine, plaque is left on the teeth. This is especially damaging as it remains undisturbed during the night. The plaque continues to build and will start to harden…which leads to calcification. AKA bad news. Stop it before it starts, brush off those food particles each night so you aren’t feeding the naturally occuring bacteria in your mouth.

Find your dental home
Having regular dental cleanings and exams ensures you can have a healthy smile. You can prevent future issues, avoid costly dental bills and be in the know about your most noticeable feature! Let’s face it, the dental office isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s important you find an office that makes you feel comfortable. Establishing your care with an amazing office who truly makes you feel cared for can make all the difference in your regularity. Call up your local office and ask for a tour!

Don’t brush in a rush!
It’s hard sometimes to get everything ready before flying out the door. It may seem like you are being more productive by brushing your teeth while putting on your shoes or typing up an email. Distracted brushing leads to incomplete cleaning and shorter brushing times. Brushing your teeth should only take two minutes of your time and it takes those full two minutes to ensure the fluoride in your toothpaste can attach to your enamel. The average person brushes for 45 seconds…eek!

30 minute wait
If you just washed your car, would you immediately take it out to the beach? Hopefully not. Same with your teeth! After brushing and flossing, wait at least half an hour before eating or drinking. This will help the fluoride remain effective without the risk of it being washed away.

Soft serve
A soft bristle toothbrush serves you best! You want to gently remove plaque not remove the protective coating on your teeth. Look for a brush that is a good fit for your mouth with soft bristles. You want the toothbrush to be able to reach the back of your mouth and around the teeth. The bristle type should be listed on the package, avoid medium and hard bristled brushes.

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