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Fluoride Treatment: Benefits, Side Effects, Recommendations

When was the last time you got excited to find out you had a cavity? Never, right? Did you know there are extra steps you can take in addition to daily brushing, flossing,exams and cleanings to keep the pesky cavities away?

Fluoride treatments can be a great addition to your dental visit. It assists in strengthening your enamel and fights bad bacteria that can harm your gums and teeth. It’s not just for children either! Adults and children alike can benefit from this painless treatment. The usual in office dental fluoride treatment is varnish to be “painted” on the teeth. However, solution, gel or foam are other widely used options. Each method is effective, quick and easy!

The benefits of nature’s strongest cavity fighter, fluoride, are something to take note of. When used in children six months and up, it helps provide them what they need for their teeth to come in nice and strong. It helps rebuild weakened enamel and it prevents tooth decay by making it difficult for acids to demineralize the enamel in children and adults.

Fluoride is a safe way to add extra protection to your pearly whites but there can be some mild side effects to be aware of, as with most procedures. Some patients may experience stomach upset, headache and/or weakness. These can be common and short lived so nothing to be worried about. However, call your doctor if you experience weakened enamel, discolorations or changes to the appearance of your teeth as these are not common.

Your dentist may recommend you have flouride treatments once or twice a year. In some cases they may want you to come in as often as every three months. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are at high or moderate risk of developing caries and determine the best path of preventive care for you. Preventative visits to your dentist stave off expensive dental bills by ensuring your mouth is always healthy.

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