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The Solution For Loose Uncomfortable Dentures That You Can't Eat With

As seen above- regular dentures without implants cause loss of natural bone.

With the Zest Locator Denture- we can add 2-4 implants with “locators” that fixate the denture in place and preserve your natural bone.

Come get fitted for the Zest Locator Retained Denture. This includes one Denture, 2 Implants, and 2 Locators to SNAP your denture into place. (read below to see how it works)

Finally Snap Your Dentures Into Place So They Don't Cover Your Whole Mouth, Stay In Place, And Allow You To Eat What You Like

This package includes the 1 Denture, 2 Implants, and 2 Locators that snap your denture into place.
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Dr. Patrick Vuong, DMD

Let’s talk about your teeth and go over some choices, easy and casual. Dentures CAN be made to feel comfortable while eating the foods you want to eat- corn on the cob, nuts, or anything else tasty and tough to chew.
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Regular Dentures Are Tough To Wear, Cover Your Entire Palate, And Make It Hard To Eat The Foods You Really Love.

The Zest Locator Denture Changes All Of That!

We Place 2 Implants

We place 2 permanent implants in your jaw as support for your new denture. These implants are placed in the bone and also preserve your jaw shape and form in the years to come.

We Use 2 Locators

Locators are specialized attachments that enable the new denture to SNAP into place over the implants. They also allow the denture to flex and pivot to feel natural so you can eat the foods you want to eat while getting a comfortable feeling while you chew.

We Create A Snap/Attachable Denture

A special denture is made to accommodate the 2 Implants. This denture doesn’t cover your entire jaw, it’s more like a strip of teeth instead of an entire covering. Much more comfortable and esthetic.

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