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Stained Teeth & Ways To Avoid It, Parmanently!

Are you finding yourself having a shy smile? Covering your mouth when you speak or smile is a common habit for those embarrassed by stains on their teeth. Have you tried everything to get those stubborn stains off and you just can’t? Stains can happen to anyone.

The 10 Most Common Foods & Drinks That Stain Your Teeth Are:
Balsamic Vinegar
Red Wine
Soy Sauce
Dark fruit juices
Tomato Sauce & Ketchup

If you are like most people, many things on that list are consumed daily. Of course, brushing after indulging in one of these items or swishing water can help. Cutting these foods and drinks out of your diet is another great way to help prevent stains. I hear you though, what if your teeth are already stained? What if you can’t live without coffee or soy sauce with your sushi?! Have no fear, try some veneers!

Porcelain veneers may be a wonderful option for you and guess what? Porcelain veneers are not porous! So you can continue enjoying some of life’s indulgences like coffee, red wine and tea without the worry of staining. If you don’t like how your teeth look and you want a fresh vibrant smile, schedule a consultation for veneers! The process of obtaining your veneers is fairly simple and quick. The dentist will prepare the teeth, create a custom mold and choose a matching color so the end result will be a natural looking smile. Once your veneers are ready, you will go into the office once more to make sure they fit properly and the color is a match. The dentist will then attach the veneer to the prepared tooth and there you have it! A brand new smile, free of stains and loaded with confidence. You can avoid pesky stains and shy smiles…for good! Say goodbye to teeth staining and hello to that morning coffee with veneers!

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