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What should you avoid doing after having wisdom teeth removed?

Once you have your wisdom teeth extracted, it’s super important to follow the aftercare instructions as well as avoid certain things during your healing period. Let’s quickly go over some tips and tricks to help you heal in the best way possible.

Avoid nuts, grains, pastas, popcorn, etc.-Eating foods that take some effort to chew, that are dry or break into pieces can get stuck into your wound. This will disrupt your healing and should be avoided. Your dentist will provide a list of foods that are best to partake in while you wait.

Do not use straws- When healing, you want to protect the blood clot that forms in the socket where your wisdom tooth once was. Using a straw can suck that blood clot loose leaving your bone exposed and unprotected. This can lead to a very painful dry socket.

Don’t blow your nose- Odd request, we know but hear us out. Avoid blowing your nose, instead just gently blot and wipe your nose. It may be hard if you are experiencing a cold or drainage but it’s important you don’t blow. Blowing your nose can cause that blood clot in your socket to dislodge.

Hold the heat- Spicy foods can cause irritation and discomfort. So pass on the hot sauce, cayenne and other spicy things until you’ve healed. No need to add any extra pain.

Don’t touch the wound – Touching it could cause bleeding and your bloodclot could become dislodged. Not to mention infection risks from your hands! So play it safe. Also remember to keep the gauze in place for the time instructed by your dentist. Usually a half hour.

Just because you no longer have wisdom teeth doesn’t mean you aren’t smart…So use your brains and listen to your dentist and follow all aftercare instructions. There are many more things that could disrupt your healing and things that could contribute to faster healing. Be sure to speak with your dentist for comprehensive instructions. Happy healing!

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